CIMSO - Customer Centric Integrated Management Software

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The CiMSO Hospitality and Business Management School

Grooming effective managers to focus on sound business management principles, effective financial controls and customer centric service delivery to international standards.

CIMSO Training Syllabus Overview

In 2006 the hotel industry released the HTNG white paper which called for "customer centric, next generation management systems to better meet global needs". This requires a paradigm shift away from transaction centric processes used by legacy management systems, towards customer centric processes.

This call to change presents a major challenge to an already cost sensitive industry which suffers from severe man-power resource constraints.

The CIMSO Hospitality Management School meets this challenge by providing highly focussed syllabus based training courses which comprise fine grained training modules with clearly defined training objectives, course content and test resources. Mission critical and best practise processes are incorporated into the training as standard operating procedures

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